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Even if spanning 4 floors the store  has remained a cosy but sophisticated boutique where you can breath a family atmosphere .

On the ground floor , the comfortable and chic sofa overlooks the inside of the store where you can drink a tea or a coffee while watching the new proposal of the season. A selection of iconic names and up-and-coming labels will surely meet your interest for fashion and high quality.The first floor is dedicated to accessories , from bracelet and necklaces and scarfes to shoes, boots and bags.

The first and second floors shows a selection of casual and active -wear which attracts both seasoned and younger clients eager to be fashionable but with a twist of personality. 

The last  floor is furnished in the mood of a real atelier, antique chais-longue  in chesterfield style , opulent Elisabethan chandeliers that matches with the elegance of cocktail dresses and night gowns for every occasion.

The success of this shop , established in the 1970, is due to the innovative formula of offering a variety of brands for round-the-clock dressing and selecting the collections by style and look rather than by the brand itself.


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